I’m Ready To Fight Now I’m Ready To Shoot

Combatives… shooting… very casual.  Holy… wow… I thought this was a parody video at first:

This is Rich Graham.  I blogged about him a bunch in the past… this man is a legend and he INVENTED the TACTICAL JOSTLE.  Holy looking back at the comments on a few of those posts his jimmies got pretty jostled that I poked fun at some of the stuff in the video.

“Developed for the police officers down in Central / South America” he says.  Man he is loving that tactical t-rex aka “sul position”.

Watching the video he’s really confident in what he’s saying, it almost has me convinced.  Like right now I’m sitting here starting at 4:41 SKEPTICAL AF… and then he’s talking and talking and as time goes on I’m really like “Ya you know, holding the gun like a microphone… tactical Barbara Streisand seems like a good idea”.

6:39 – That transition tho.  Pure butta on a hot summa day.  When from “one mic” to “I love rock & roll”.

7:22 – This man just said to use the magwell as a hammer… hit the guy in the head with it.  haha

13:39 – In his conclusion he says he has been developing and working on this technique “for years”

I never thought I’d make it through a full 14 minutes of this, but wow the time just flew by.  So entertaining.  Oh and to make things even sweeter, he’s got a retention holster on his hip.

Thoughts?  You off holding the gun by the grip now?  You only holding the gun like a microphone… like you’re singing sweet tactical tunes into it?  You calling tactical t-rex “sul” because it sounds more cultured?  I have so many questions after this video.

Gat tip: no uno