The Black Women’s Defense League

Empowering young black women to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to protect themselves from misogyny and racism:

I like their logo with the African flag colors… kinda a Major League Baseball logo flip of sorts.

So much drama between the Huey P. Newton gun club and the Black Women’s Defense league.

6:46 – I know I eat healthier than the average person, but are they really out there handing out fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and pudding to these kids?

7:33 – Yes I get it… you’re trying to help and it’s annoying the police are shutting you down for various reasons.  That said, turning on the sass and calling the police “pigs” around kids who look up to you as role models isn’t doing your cause any favors.

8:10 – WAT?  Are they really out in the streets yelling “Black power! Black power!”? Just imagine for a second there were a “White Women’s Defense League”, where a bunch of white moms and white kids walked around shouting “White power! White power!” through a megaphone.  LOL I literally can’t even.

8:39 – NOIR

9:06 – Marissa Alexander served 3 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband.

9:14 – Ah the old George Zimmerman reference.

9:46 – Oh nice, a “FUCK THE POLICE” button.  Classy *eye roll*.  Yet another good look for the Black Women’s Defense League.

10:33 – I don’t disagree with this guy at all.  It’s unfortunate that this is the world we live in right now.  I’m glad positive black men like my long time buddy Colion Noir are changing that daily.

10:50 – Nice looking UZI.  Auto too ;)

Thoughts?  Unsurprisingly VODA isn’t in this video.

Gat tip: JohnnyIShootStuff