Police Officer Handgun Disarm Finesse

This guy Maestro Fresh Fred think he slick:

I’ll never figure out why they feel they need to mess up the color on some of their videos, like they are trying to be a damn tactical Tarantino film or something.  The Funker Tactical marketing machine must have did a focus group, which resulted in the housewives and part time sheephitters deeming the coloring to look more “edgy”.  Don’t even get me started on the music choices.  Oh and the flamboyantly clickbaity titles *eye roll*.

1:29 – He says bad guys don’t use retention holsters, they just stuff it in their pants.

Like most disarms, I would like to see how well any of this would work without a “willing” opponent.

You better believe I’ll be trolling all of Fred Mastro‘s videos for some additional gold.

Thoughts?  Uggggggggghhhh *heavy sigh* I don’t know guys….. I just don’t know.  Seems like everyone has a defense “program” and/or a “system” they are selling nowadays.