Open Carry Activist Sheephitters March Armed Into Police Station

Oh yea, just an average day in the life of an “open carry activist”.  Gotta file those complaints:

0:08 – They are going to file a complaint because they were “illegally pulled over” by the police

0:23 – Still armed in classic molon labe open carry style.  The balaclava is a nice touch too… I’m sure this will go over really well.  They were “afraid for their lives” when they were pulled over so naturally this is the most sensible course of action in response to that.

0:43 – Is this real life?  They are actually walking into a police station like this?  Uhhhhhhhgggggg this is how you get shot.

0:49 – Oh what a surprise, the police didn’t greet them with a warm welcome.  Shocking.  Oh man, being a police officer requires so much restraint.

Thoughts?  Oh you haven’t met America?  I’m sure a lot of “badge numbers” were taken down that day by the molon labe’ers.

Gat tip: JohnnyIshootStuff