PistolManiac100 Has To Be Trolling

A Mosin Nagant Long and Mid Range Training video for our viewing pleasure:

Oh man, the very first second of the video… that graphic “You have reached the best channel on YT”.  haha ok you know you’re in for a wild ride.. his intro after that is like in a movie where someone takes drugs and everything goes all weird.  There several other instances of that throughout the video where he trips up in saying something and then makes it go all slow.  He thinks it’s pretty funny because he laughs and smirks every time.

2:23 – Oh god… he’s talking about his course of fire, and it’s glorious.

The entertainment value of Pistol Maniac’s channel is very underrated, I’ve been saying that.  He’s his own biggest fan, which also is amazing.

I’ve realized the more derpy someone’s videos are, the more fake production and development company logos.  Pistol Maniac has three… 1) Scorpio Media 2) Pluto Productions and 3) A-RH-O Negative Development haha.

Thoughts?  Will Ethan Hawke play him in a movie someday?