OMG Yet Another Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 Promo Video

Larry Vuitton doing a good job pretending he gives a shit about this at SHOT this year:

Holy how big is the Springfield Armory marketing budget?  I swear like 90% of the gun YouTubers have some Saint related video up.  If you follow Springfield on YouTube I’m also guessing you’ve definitely had enough Saint related videos to last a lifetime.  I didn’t count the exact number, but if you click through to their channel here, you’ll see what I mean.

I’m proposing that 2017 be the year of no one giving a shit about “new” AR-15s.  I was already like that since about 2014, but I hope it catches on.  I actually think it might be, because already we lost Olympic Arms according to the announcement on their site.  No reason mentioned, but they were one of the OG’s, so times must be tough.  Gotta evolve brAh.

haha at the end of the video you can tell they buttered LAV up because he mentions that they even used his Vickers Tactical sling on the video stuff.

The MSRP of this “Saint” is $899.  haha man that name is embarrassing to even type.