Still Pushing His Muzzlesafe Bullshit

This man and his not-so-smart smart gun:

Ugh right… a proximity sensor. Painful.  Why does this exist?  If you remember my first post about Muzzlesafe back in March, not much has changed.  If you’re not familiar you can catch up on that post, and on the Muzzlesafe website.

If you’re having that much of an issue with negligent discharges which would require a derpvice like this, you probably shouldn’t have guns or be around guns.

My guess is the reason we’re hearing about this again now, is no coincidence.  SHOT show is currently going on, which means everyone with any sort of micro niche gun product is going for the hail mary in hopes of some money.

Thoughts?  There are just so many things wrong with this product, I literally can’t even. According to the YouTube description, Sandia National Labs and the U.S. Department of Energy for contributed to the project. Wait… they contributed actual money? Or did they contribute a “Ha… Gayyyyyyyy” comment to one of his videos? haha