Clint Smith Mad At The Internet And Firing Shots

I don’t know why this was necessary, but he DONE DID IT haha:

Wow there’s a lot of shots being fired at what seems like Chris Costa.  Did Costa talk shit about Clint?  If so, get me up to speed… what did he say?  Man I love gun community drama so much.

Here’s why I think he’s talking about Costa.  1) We know Costa shook his lil tush on the catwalk in Japan and played airsoft there with the locals 2) Costa has an expensive german shepherd (vid with him and the dog here and embedded below), and post on ARFCOM here.  LOL according to the post he flies with it (as a service dog) because he can’t fly with a gun.  Classic… one guy even called Costa a “special little snowflake” and another said he thought Costa was an “internet hoax”  ahahha I’m deceased.

Costa’s dog is pretty badass, regardless what it cost.  (2:00 in video) That’s pretty cute that Costa runs Costa Lupus with his wife.  Goals tbh.

2:45 – Is Costa ever not in operator mode?

Thoughts? Clint’s generation definitely isn’t used to getting trolled.