VODA Vs Caliber Training Group Potential Swagger Jacking

Imagine being VODA… just imagine.  Ok now imagine someone allegedly copies your website and your derp?

I don’t know what’s more wild…. that someone actually potentially jacked some of VODA’s style, or that VODA is mad rather than absolutely blown away that on this earth someone picked HIM to copy.  I for one am astonished.

1:00 – Oh shit, VODA made phone calls to Atlanta to his people to ask about Samuel Hayes (of Caliber Training Group).

1:15 – “This is VODA language. You see what I’m saying?  This is renegade language here and he ain’t no renegade”  <— LOL WAT?

2:24 – VODA made it cool to be a “consultant” since he didn’t want to be on the NRA’s dick… now everybody want to be a consultant.  Oh man… this is too much LOL.

3:45 – Oh damn VODA is making thinly veiled threats now saying he’ll “Be in Atlanta real soon”.  Atlanta is where Caliber Training Group is based.

4:12 – “This is the power of what I do.  This is quality work what I do.”

You can check the VODA website out and the Caliber Training Group and take a look for yourself to see if the shit talking is warranted.

Thoughts?  Man I’m so glad this guy exists, and I’m so happy this new feud exists.