Standard Downrange Shooting Justification Clickbait

“cool story bro” basically summarizes this video.  Just when I though VSO was completely done with their past Darwin worthy shenanigans… oh well we had a good and long run at least. Check this asshattery:

0:26 – Oh at first I was like “Huh, what does PC: Sonny Puzikas mean?”… Against my better judgement I assumed that there would just be no way VSO would use Sonny Puzikas to justify this, considering Sonny was the one who SHOT SOMEONE negligently while training.  In case you don’t believe me regarding the cross promotion / endorsement, here is a link to the Sonny Puzikas facebook post where he posted that picture.  The needle was already pointing at the maximum mind-blowingly retarded section of the meter, but VSO hit the turbo with this; the needle bent and broke.

1:18 – Ah the no-look derp scan.  There it is in all its glory.

3:03 – Oh and here’s the “real life situation” justification, right on cue.

To make this video more similar to the original video we all got butthurt about, Spectre’s shooter should have been in a wheelchair attempting to shoot while someone was shaking and rattling him unpredictably from behind.  Oh right… Spectre wouldn’t want to stand down range when that kind of random shit was happening. heh.  If you want to call standing in front of the line of fire less than 3ft from where bullets are impacting “safe”, then be my guest.  Ultimately Darwin will have the last laugh, because you’re not going to be lucky forever.

Thoughts?  You operator / man enough to live on the edge like Spectre?