Risking Your Life Is Necessary When Doing Firearms Training

“4 rules were followed bruh, It’s impossible for anyone to get hurt.” This:

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“Big boy rules” as always.  I’ll never be operator enough to understand.  This same video caused a shit storm on my instagram post, and not so much on facebook but still got a lot of traction. This has NOTHING to do with the fact the guy is in a wheelchair and everything to do with the unknown variables of barely being able to push someone across uneven terrain while they are pulling a trigger and jerking around with people downrange. It’s never a surprise though, when I post these videos people put me onto and the response from some is “none of the 4 rules were broken. It’s impossible for anyone to get hurt.”. YES that was an actual comment… It’s IMPOSSIBLE that when pushed, his wheelchair could have jerked to the left or right at the same time as he pulled the trigger. I’ve pushed a wheelchair… just like in the video, you hit anything like a small rock and they jerk violently. Oh well, not me in the video so I’m just happy people are training, and not getting hurt (for the most part anyway). Hope that streak keeps up.

Videos like this are so polarizing.  Like my exchange with Herman on facebook… Where he said:

I wonder if it was a video of a dude shooting an apple off of someone else’s head, would people say “well there not breaking the 4 rules and they are actually training so good for them.”?.

And I replied:

Guys be like “as long as the shooter was aiming at the apple, I don’t see the problem” LOL