Ranking Up There Among The Worst Gun Songs

Just because you own a musical instrument and/or have the ability to speak doesn’t mean you should subject the world to your “music”:

LOL oh man that’s so bad, I feel like a bad person just posting it.  That said, according to the YouTube description this guy has a “CD on Politics” where this song is featured.  I don’t have a CD on Politics, so he’s got that up on me.  Oh man there’s a song called “Chicago – Murder Capital USA” on his channel which is also priceless.

It really wouldn’t be a post about music if I didn’t shoehorn in my distaste for Steve Lee.  Thankfully he’s been refraining from music on his YouTube channel, and just messing around in Cambodia.  I’m grateful for that.  The guy has had a history of FIRE content for me to post about though, so I’m actually divided when it comes to his musical hiatus.

Gat tip: Robert over at TTAG, who didn’t care for the song either.  LOL every time I click through to that site I can’t help but think I probably made him $30 in ad revenue.  I’ve never seen a site with so many ads, not to mention the fact almost all of them have nothing to do with guns.  That toenail fungus tho… *pLAgh* gross LOL.