Sandy Hook Promise Plagiarized Their Gun Snitch Video

Surprising, but also not:

LOL wow, it’s like scene for scene.  Basically the only difference is that the original doesn’t have an angsty killer teen in the background of it.

Albert Gonzalez (the creator of the original) is obviously pissed off.  Here’s a statement from him:

This week I was sent an advertisement online that showcases what seems to me a direct copy of my 2011 short film “The Desk”. A film I wrote and directed while I was attending The Art Institute of Houston. I was not asked to borrow or given consent to the reproduction of my story and some scenes seem to be stolen shot by shot from my film. Watch the video and see for yourself. This is not something out of ordinary though many filmmakers like me have our content stolen and reproduced all the time. Always take preventive measures to protect your media. Please share and post this video anywhere you see the advertisement on social media. This ad is also playing on cable tv. Reach out to BBDO New York about stealing my idea and The Sandy Hook Promise company. I’m all for helping people and protecting everyone but my story was never suppose to be apart of their ad. I just want my story to be left as it is. Thank you.

Thoughts?  You shocked that Sandy Hook Promise did the boy Albert dirty with that Kirkland-ass copy of his short film?