YouTube Stops Dumping Money Into Gun Channel Pockets

They demonetized the kid.  MY FORMER FUTURE STEP SON:

charlie-danielsInteresting, but not surprising.  haha “banned in South Korea”… Why do we give a shit about south Korea’s gun laws?  Youtube often just restricts stuff by region, I don’t know why they don’t just block the viewing of all gun videos from South Korea.  Has YouTube even met America?  Seemingly not.

Wtf… so how is Royal going to make the finance payments on that Rolls Wraith now?  Smh always someone trying to get in your pockets I swear.

3:00 – Royal has something in the works… something big but he won’t tell us what.  Him and Mark Serbu are involved (along with some others), and it sounds like it’s a TV show.

Thoughts? I guess a Kirkland brand YouTube like Full30 is always an option. I still can’t get over being bombarded with all types of ads on that site though.