DIGITRIGGER Digital Trigger For Modern Operators

Oh you still have an analog trigger?  UPGRADE YOUR SHIT GRANDPA:

I was bracing for this to be poorly executed and derpy,  but I was wrong it actually looks pretty sweet.  Not “I’m dying to put it in all of my ARs” sweet, but nice none the less.

I like the fact you can still 100% use the mechanical trigger (no batteries needed), unless you put it in “digital” mode (precise as a mouse click they say) by flipping the fire selector switch.  That version 1.2 shoot on pull and also on release is badass too… we’ve seen this before with mechanical triggers.

2:26 – If you want to abort the release shot you have to hold the trigger for 6 seconds OR awkwardly reach back and press the button underneath the 1911 style grip safety.

2:55 – “If you’re trying to rapid fire in a sustained manner you don’t want to try and pull and release the trigger too fast because the digital trigger will programmatically limit your rate of fire so you can’t outrun your carrier”

3:14 – Demonstrates pull+release mode.  LOL whoa ok that’s nice.

Ok so that video was professional, and it demonstrated what it needed to right?  LOL I can’t help myself in making fun of the only other video this company has up right now:

YOOOOOO that shit was hella operational.  I was disappointed they didn’t kick a door or two, do forward rolls, and walk away with their back to some explosions.

atf-sees-digitrigger-memeYou can head over to the DigiTrigger website for more info.  Someone in the YouTube comments asked how much it would be, and the company replied $500.  I have no idea when this thing will be released because they don’t say a date.

How do you feel about this?  How does the ATF feel about this? ATF probably be like… (see post thumbnail picture).

Gat tip: MurglePorckChop