Hilarious Russian Firearms Instructional Video

50 minutes worth:

42-17533707Oh man there’s some pure gold in that 50 minutes.  If you have time to watch it all you really should.  I wish I had the time to call out time stamps, but I’m trying to finish up season 2 of “THE FALL” on netflix, while drinking herbal teas.  Ok fine here’s a quick one…

3:11 – Whose mans is this?  Check out that draw and intentional muzzle sweep.  hhaha wth… he then follows that up with intentional muzzle sweeps of himself.  I can’t read Russian, but I’m hoping he’s showing what NOT to do.

Thoughts? Try as you will you’ll never be as cool as Putin with the flipped down ear pro. That would be a good esoteric-low-effort Halloween costume haha.

Gat tip: no uno