Henry Flexes HARD With The 1000 Man Shoot

This is impressive.  1000 people all shooting the Henry Golden Boy Silver “1000 Man Edition” .22 at once… AMERICA:

Gersh-Kuntzman-AR154:38 / 5:32  – Sounds like FREEDOM.

hahah at 5:28 a couple dudes had an itchy trigger finger and ruined the 1000 man shoot.  Here Henry they spent all that money to make “1000 Man Shoot” banners, for turned out to be a 997 man shoot. *smh* hehe

Anti-climactic? Definitely.  Still a really cool marketing idea though. I wish they would have gave those 1000 people the rifles to take home. That would have been a nice gesture.  More pics and info over on the Henry website.