Radian Weapons Promo Video Is Lit

*me throwing money at screen while diddy boppin*:

radian-weapons-ar15You guys know the drill… if the video has machining it in and good music I’m sold.  Oh wow Radian Weapons even has a good looking website and logo… this basically never happens in all my years of reporting on this stuff.  Holy and to make things even more astonishing you can actually purchase stuff on their website (again… VERY rare, I’m not joking.).

1:14 – Casual rifle promo shots out in public somewhere near a hipster’s fixie.  Salem Oregon is so chill.

I’ll be the first one to yell “NEVA BIN DONE BEFO’” when I see a new company making AR-15s… however I’ll also be the first one to raise an eyebrow when they make nice looking ones (like these).

Thoughts?  You going to be bumping some of that Radian Weapons rap in the whip?  Streaming the vid on all 3 of your in vehicle’s TVs?

Gat tip: Warren