Larry Vuitton Phuc Long Shows Larry Vuitton Carnik Con

Phuc Long is a vlogger now:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLAV always looking so cozy when he wears a t-shirt and glasses.  Cozy dad style wearing flannel jammies, who just got done reading the paper and sipping his morning coffee.

That’s wild that him and Phuc Long kick it.

I was happy that Phuc Long made no attempt to monetize my viewing or embedding of this video for the culture (haha shots fired).  Maybe Phuc Long is back on the path purity, where videos are done purely for sport.

I wrote this post as I was watching the video… and not until the end did I realize that nothing at all happens besides we see the side of Larry’s head and the Carnik Con video picture in picture.  Would have been better if we could have seen Larry’s face anyways.  Maybe Phuc has an alternate camera angle video up on a pay site somewhere?  (hahah I couldn’t help myself)

Thoughts? *pours out liquor for Carnik Con*