Oh Whee Springfield Armory Released An AR-15

They call it the SAINT.  NEVA BIN DONE BEFO as you can plainly see:


money-in-the-banana-standEveryone on YouTube and their grandma did a review on it and a “first look” on it, so if you care just hit up google.  I saw an AR and immediately didn’t care to watch any of them.  *sigh* I was hoping for something new.  I find it ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLING that the market for AR-15s isn’t completely saturated by now.  I’m beginning to thing that it’s one of those “There’s always money in the banana stand” type things.

If you want to read more about the SAINT hit up the Springfield Armory website.

Maybe some sort of flagrant and reckless R&D gun is on deck at Springfield Armory… the SINNER.  One can only hope.

Thoughts?  Have we reached the crest yet? Peak AR?