Count Tacula Goes All In And Operates Halloweeny

Holy shit is is epic. I give you the dark lord of black ops:

count-tacula-james-tfbAs the #1 comment says – “James is the best thing about TFBTV”.  I’ll go one step further and say he’s the best thing about the firearm blog PERIOD.  I have a love/hate relationship with a lot of blogs, once it becomes all about the money.  You know what I’m saying because I’ve complained about it numerous times.  I’m talking about annoying unrelated ads, popups, summary RSS, sponsored posts etc…  I’ll always be in ENDO for the sport.  Sure I’ve monetized the site in the past, and once I get around to figuring out how I want to unobtrusively work it into my new design, I’ll likely monetize it again with 3rd party ads.  For me though, on principle I need to give you guys the content the way you want to have it, without having to jump through hoops or be annoyed.