Korean Royal Nonesuch Gets Busted With Homemade Guns

royal-nonesuch-south-koreahaha that’s our boy (my former future step son) on Korean news at 0:39, and then again at 2:16!  Shoutout RoyalNonesuch for going international.

If you don’t speak Korean, you can read the full story on the Korea Herald.  Basically some shithead in Korea shot a policeman in the back with a homemade gun (and he was carrying several others)… they found 17 more homemade guns when they apprehended him, seven knives (GASP to the power infinity), a hammer, and a homemade explosive device.  In South Korea, only government-authorized personnel are allowed to carry guns.

His guns look more crude than the kid’s (RoyalNonesuch), but since it’s not exactly rocket science they function anyway I guess.

It’s probably a good idea Royal quit making detailed instructional videos, considering how many wackos there are out there worldwide.  At least the dumbest ones will have to

Thoughts?  Imagine if the Korean Royal Nonesuch had videos up where he was like a Korean bootleg of USA Royal.  Like no eyepro / earpro, Korean knit sweaters and hawaiian t-shirts.  I’d die haha.

Gat tip: ЛИМБАГО, James