Royal Nonesuch Wants To Potentially Sell You 80% Firearm Kits

Our guy Richie Nonesuch

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchHe’s saying ~$150 for the kits (he hopes).  As long as the welds are clean, and the safety features aren’t so archaic I see this being a viable business.  Like he briefly touched on in the video, he’s going to need to start a business though so he’s not personally liable if someone gets hurt. His homemade grease gun (shown in the video) actually looks pretty nice, and functions well too.

Thoughts?  Would you buy one of Royal’s simple designs in a DIY kit if they were prettier looking?  Would you buy one anyway even if the welds were cringe worthy? The comments are YouTube are really supportive, so I hope he follows this through and comes correct with the final product.