People Tell Me Quit Trying To Make 50CalVal Happen

Her shooting .22’s and doing pushups:

Valerie-Nonesuch-Slamfire-ShotgunAnd that’s that.  I still think this girl has potential, even though her and Royal Nonesuch didn’t actually end up forming like voltron to produce the firearm industry’s youngest, prettiest, troll-iest, and innovative power couple.  It’s a shame because “Richard Serbu” has a nice ring to it (Richard is Royal Nonesuch’s first name).  Looks like they are still cool though, because Royal still kicks it with her dad Mark Serbu + comments cutesy things like “Nice :-) almost to 30k”.  That aside, it’s notable that at 30k there’s already so much thirst and back patting in the comments… this is going to be a wild ride getting to 100k+.

Thoughts?  U mad I keep trying to make 50CalVal happen?  I’ll agree with you she’s no Kirsten Joy Weiss.