Concrete Barrier At Gun Store Makes Idiots Nervous

8000 lb concrete barriers to prevent vehicle involved smash and grabs.  OH SO “BRASH” according to the story:

usher-sipSeems like a great idea to me.  OMG THE EMOTIONAL REACTION. haha oh wow

2:08 – Gun stores need a 42 camera security system?  Wow, that’s impressive and sad at the same time.  Criminals gonna do crime I suppose.  If you have insurance it’s almost like what’s the point of spending $30,000+ on a security system like that, when the thieves are likely going to be wearing masks and driving a stolen vehicle anyway.  I guess any sort of help he can give law enforcement is worth it.

Full story on the Sacramento Bee.

Yea those barriers are ugly, but who cares.  That whole strip mall is ugly so it doesn’t really matter as far as I’m concerned.  Thoughts?