Former Navy SEAL Creates Clowny Pin Code Enabled Smart Gun

Oh god not again… more smart guns.  Here’s the handgun version, which the look of alone will give you eye cancer:

The rifle version:

Safety-First-Arms-Smart-GunFirst off hahahha at the old “former Navy SEAL” card played for a grasp at legitimacy.  I mean I guess it’s alright for people to say what their background is no matter what it happens to be, but when it comes to firearms everyone with a military background loves to flex that like it somehow legitimizes their product / training method etc.. even if it is retarded.  “I SPENT 18 YEARS AS A TIER -32 space shuttle door gunner, with 3091 confirmed kills, running special ops on the dark side of the moon without oxygen… heh yea to say the least I know a bit about firearms and how YOU should use them.”

Hmmm so I have to enter a pin code in order to use my gun for self defense?  What could possibly go wrong? LOL *CONFIRMED TRASH*.  I feel like I should be jumping on this smart gun bandwagon in some form, if for nothing other than the trolling potential that creating a gun which is impossible to use when you need it most, would have. I bet the guys at the patent office cry real tears every time they see another “smart gun” application come across their desk.

You can check out the Safety First Arms website for more info.  The estimated price of this thing is $1295.