Smart Shooting Targets Like A Damn Video Game

I wish it wasn’t “crowdfunded” but nevertheless it’s cool:

video-game-target-featuresSure it makes thing A LOT more complicated… but it also increases fun by the looks of it.  So dynamic brAh. “Smart targets”, “Smart guns”, “Smart watches”… gotta shoehorn electronics into ALL THE SIMPLE THINGS in today’s day and age to keep the cool teens satisfied. :P

You can check out the indiegogo campaign for the details.  You’ll likely shit a brick when you see how expensive this system is… entry level is $600 for two rimfire targets + $150 for a required base station.

22Plinkster made a video on the product also, which you can check out.  Did he get paid millions of dollars to make it?  Maybe… as we know the dude retired from his day job.