Larry Vickers Already Flexing On His Upcoming AR-15 Book

Dammmmmmmn Larry.  We haven’t even seen a page of this upcoming book and you already hit us with the Armalite 000001 AR-15?


Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyHis 1911 book looks lit, and this one will likely not disappoint either.

Interesting how “SAFE” is in the upper position.  haha wow that has the potential to cause some really bad accidents if you’re use to the modern layout which we all use.  Thinking you’re on SAFE and you’re actually on AUTO.  *BRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP*  Whooops, my bad guys.

That bakelite furniture too guys amirite?  Woooooooooo. damn.

“Hollywood California U.S.A.” haha ain’t that a B.  Those were the good old days.  Armalite now resides in Geneseo IL.

Thoughts?  This guy is really living up to the nickname “Larry Vuitton” I gave him hey?  I bet he has flexes in the stash so ostentations / incredible, we couldn’t even fathom.