Boston Dynamics SpotMini Dog Is Terrifying

Hmmmm problematic on a few levels:

The full size dog thing was also terrifying.  Remember the Christmas video?

0:43 – Uhhhh.  That quick duck under the table was creepy.

0:49 – Whose robot is this? LOL Who let this slide? LOL

1:13 – Hmmm so it puts away dishes and cleans up garbage?  Maybe my mind is being changed haha.

data-startrek1:29 – LOLOLOL this actually happened.  Boston Dynamics is the GOAT for this one.  I bet this robodog will remember this though, and won’t take being embarrassed in front of millions of people on the internet lightly.

2:23 – I think robodog almost glitched, snapped and killed that guy.