Valerie Serbu Is Single And She Collects Cats

Breaking news, but not really news at the same time:

Valerie-Nonesuch-Slamfire-ShotgunThis video is weird as hell.  *insert problematic emoji face here*  Dat UZI tho.

I thought the homie Yung Richie a.k.a. Royal Nonesuch had her locked down?  Maybe he never did, and it was just a hopeful figment of my imagination?  Maybe him and Valerie broke up and he’s banished from the multi million dollar Serbu machine shop and back to making guns with pipe, hand tools, a welder, and a dream?  Judging by his latest .50 BMG homebrew videos I think the latter might be correct.

Thoughts?  Some of you guys still mad at me for trying to make Valerie Serbu “happen”? Serbu is a cool company I’ve always liked, and she’s the daughter so ya I think the girl has YouTube / blog potential.  For better or worse at least she’s risen above wearing a bikini and getting drenched in water.  Predictably, at just a bit over 92,000 views, that is her most successful video so far (by a land slide).