Stopping An AR-15 With Your Hand And Likely Living To Tell About It


Lady-Gaga-Alejandro-AR-15-SBR-Bra-2“A Good Way To Blow Your Hand Open?! Interrupting AR15 Cycle Of Operation” is the actual vid title haha. Funker Tactical always turns the title up to 11.

All the cool kids were doing this with Glocks a while back, so the AR-15 was naturally next up.  The video served it’s purpose of demonstrating that his hand didn’t get blown off.  *shrug* cool I guess.

I’m just glad and surprised when I see a Funker Tactical video that isn’t retarded.  They had a string of them for a while that were off the wall… oh and when the Instructor Zero marketing engine was running at full speed is really pretty bad too.