Instructor Zero Is Almost A Detox Tea Slanging Instagram Fit-Hoe

*smfh* this guy:

Is Zero sponsored by a holster company?  I can’t tell.

Seriously though, when is this guy going to start pushing detox teas while wearing “feels like I’m wearing nothing at all” tactical yoga pants? If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the popular page of instagram you definitely understand earlier my comparison.  Naturally 5.11 actually makes tactical yoga pants now now.  
He calls this version of fit shooting the “Praetorian Program”.  I had to look up what praetorian was, and unsurprisingly it’s Roman.

ahhahah someone on YouTube by the name of superswaglord1945 asked “where is the shake weight training?””.

LEAKED “Praetorian Program” PROMO PHOTO:


Thoughts?  Are you going to buy his DVD and his Detox Fit Tea?