Actual Patent Application For Axe AR-15 Stock

LOL someone spent actual money on this patent application:


ROFL All I can say is follow your dreams guys.  Tracey Copeland and Andrew BeGole had a vision of an AR-15 Axe combo in every home, and here they are actually taking the steps to actually make it happen.   What are you doing with your dreams?  YEA I THOUGHT SO. haha just bugging you.

AR15-Axe-Rifle-Stock-2I can’t wait until this is for sale, and pictures start popping up of AR-15 micro SBRs with a full on fireman’s axe on the end of them.

Call me a pansy, but the injuries that could be sustained from using this setup seem VERY problematic.  How do you sling something like this safely?  How do you deal with the fact a large axe weighs a lot more than the entire rest of the rifle?  How do you swing this thing… barrel in your hands and pointing at your chest I assume?  How do you get cheekweld on a fucking axe? ROFL I’m deceased from laughter guys.  This is too much.

I wonder what the sample size (if any) of military and law enforcement they interviewed with the question… “Would you benefit from having an axe in the place of your comfortable stock in order to save potentially carrying them separately when you’re trying to enter a secure building?”

Link to the patent application if you’re trying to kill some time at work this fine Friday.

Better to have an AR-15 axe and not need it than to need an AR-15 axe and not have it though amirite guys? Thoughts?