5000 Firework Deathstar

That man Colin Furze did it to celebrate hitting 3M subscribers on YouTube:

Guy-VickersColin is so high energy, it’s like what I’d imagine someone from the suburbs who smoked crack to be like.  Watching him talk in these videos always doubles my heart rate, and my brain is working overtime processing all the 2 second scene cuts.

All in all a pretty cool video.  Not any-night-of-the-week Disneyland fireworks cool, but still cool.  Ugh I want to go back to Disneyland with my girlfriend again NOW.  Oh well at least we’re planning on going again at Christmas this year.  In addition to all my favorite rides, I’m pretty pumped to see Frozen at the Hyperion theater.  Did anyone see that since it opened on Memorial day?  Aladdin (which was the play there before) was so lit if you’re a big Aladdin fan like I am.