Alpha 6 Tactical Bulletproof Vest Test Is VERY Necessary

This is SO necessary guys.  If you say otherwise you’re a pussy, and you probably shouldn’t have guns:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15*smh* You know what though, I’m just glad to see he took the proper safety precautions… you know like eyepro, earpro, gloves, and that standard issue Under Armor hat.  Just in case.

Like I said in my Instagram caption, it’s astonishing that five people (shown in the video) actually were all on board with this idea.  Testing bulletproof vests in this manner definitely isn’t one of those “neva bin done befo” type things.  It’s been done lots, and every time I just ask myself why.  All it proves to me is that someone in the company is basically willing to turn themselves into a tactical carny.

Alpha 6 Tactical are the guys who did this.  According to the About Us section, the company is made up of TIER -293 level operators.