VODA Speaks On Safety Cockyness Confidence And Keyboard Commandos

Wow… just wow.  This is so amazing that we are blessed with such a video.  Whenever I lose faith in the internet something like this happens and I’m like OHhhhhh YEA:

Lucien Black from VODA INC is just one of those guys who is so far off the rails, that you have no other choice than to feel sorry for him.  I feel bad writing these blog posts now, because it’s evident there is a problem on a lot of levels with this guy.  You can check out the few past posts I did on him here.

1:44 – Larry Vickers took two to the chest from Russians?

1:49 – Sonny Puzikas is his MF’ing man? LOL priceless.

2:45 – “I’ve actually turned away more people than I’ve trained”

Oh man I could actually talk about a timestamp every 5 seconds this is all so bizarre.  I’ll just let you guys watch it.

Oh here’s one last gem I feel I need to type out:

“I work for the people.  I’m a non-profit.  Voda does what it does.  You do what you do.” <– So he’s still saying he’s a non-profit organization

From a few of his other recent videos there was this statement in the description, which made me laugh and cringe simultaneously at the ridiculousness of it:

I am one of the BEST at what I do – My goal: BECOME THE GREATEST FIREARM TRAINING CONSULTANT OF ALL TIME. Let’s make another dream come true!

Voda-Firearms-Training-Lucien-BlackBesides the delusion of grandeur, at least the man has goals I guess.  What’s the difference between the best and the greatest?

To summarize, VODA is just another one of those guys that when I blog about, I’m just hoping that I’m getting trolled and it’s actually just a really well executed parody.

Thoughts?  If this guy isn’t playing a character, where does something such as this end up going when someone like this has such a chip on their shoulder?

Gat tip: Christian