Shots Fired Inside Your Home With Bullet Trap USA

Whose girl is this?  Who let this slide? LOL:

1:20 – “Whoa, this was not magic.”

I don’t “get” this filming location… Is it the Thirst Trap USA HQ? Did they rent an old folks home out for the afternoon to film this?

Here’s a handy video to demonstrate how you can safely shoot across the room, where hallways and stairs might be in your bullet’s flight path LOL:

Bullet-Trap-USAWe all know how sensors and other electronics are infallible, and I’m sure that “flashing orange light” is worth betting a family member’s life on.  LOL *smh*

Bullet Trap USA is the spot if you want one of these systems.

Thoughts?  Are you putting one of these in your kitchen?  Your kid’s playroom?

Gat tip: Cameron