Dogo Robot Killa With A Glock In The Stash Box


My best friend had a Hypertrax when I was young, and this reminded me of it.  I LOVED the hypertrax, however the battery life was like 5 minutes on a good day.  Oh and it was basically impossible to make turns with.  In hindsight it was actually a piece of shit… but it was fast so we all loved it.

I like the idea of using something as reliable as a Glock in this robot.  A lot of companies would have tried to reinvent the wheel, and create a proprietary weapon for something like this.

An Israeli company called General Robotics makes this thing.  Notice at 0:11 he just puts the magazine in the pistol, but doesn’t actually load it?  LOLOL classic Israeli carry method.  Damn they out here making up arbitrary safety rule for these robots too?  Is the design of the robot meant to mimic Israeli horse stance?  I could go on all day.