Armslist Justifying Not Wearing Eye Protection

This is a marketing video I guess?  These guys want respect because they are adults:

Armslist-Eye-protectionThis video is flat out retarded, and it trolled me hard I’ll admit.  10/10 would get trolled by again. Consider my jimmies rustled.  Consider the answer to “u mad bro?” as YES.. YES I’m MAD. :P

I’d quote some timestamps in the video, but pretty much all of it is cringe worthy.

If you want to save six minutes of your life the gist of this video is “You’re not the boss of me, I can make my own decisions, the chances of getting an eye injury are very small so mind your own damn business” like a whiny 5 year old.  Cool story bros.

haha who let this slide? Thoughts? I subscribed. I’m hoping the next rant video will be equally as stupid and trollbaity.