Thai Homebrew Converted Pelletgun Shotgun

Oh it’s on:

usher-sipMy man in the video is the Thai Royal Nonesuch.  Needs to reinforce that shit though apparently… peeled that fake 1911’s wig back.

I was going to crack some low hanging Thai jokes, and googled “popular Thai names” just so I could paint a better picture for you guys.  Check this… #2 is “Ice”, #7 is “Benz”…. oh and just in case you thought they were all badass, #13 is “Nut”.  Rolling up on the scene with Ice and Benz is filed under goals as far as real life instagram captions go.

Thoughts?  Now the important part… would operate in Thai operations with?  Would eat pad thai (my favorite) with?  Would eat pad see ew (my girlfriend’s favorite) with?  Damn, I really want to order Thai food now.