Jewish Trap Rap With Airsoft Gun Intimidation

Just when I thought I’ve seen it all… Jewish trap rap.  The song is called “Gold Kippah” by Triple feat Joey Madoff:

I was expecting the flow across the board to be trash, but it’s not too bad actually LOL.  If you didn’t know, a Kippah is the skull cap Jewish men wear; he wants a gold one evidently.

Triple-Joey-Madoff-Gold-Kippah-RapJim (the guy who emailed me this gem of a video) said the following: “As an MOT myself, this fake punk offends me. There are no broke Jews, and we don’t roll with airsoft guns. If he doesn’t have his membership card to the World Domination Club, this Jew has never been bar mitzvah’ed.”  haha nice.

Oy vey I’m loving all this diversity… niche rap with guns in it. In recent memory we had Asian rap trailblazer Rich Chigga.  Thoughts?

Gat tip: Jim