Smashing Ammunition In A Hydraulic Press

LOL this:

Hydraulic-Press-AmmunitionI give you PressTube where they smash stuff in a 150 ton hydraulic press.  When I got an email about this yesterday I was like “Why have I not known about this channel before today?!”… then for some reason I was like wait this sounds familiar but I know I’ve never actually seen the channel.  I searched the blog comments and sure enough 18 days ago blog commenter “sweet lorde jesus hot cheetos” said the following on a post I did about a Red Hot Nickel Ball (RHNB) dropped into gun powder – and I quote “RHNB is so 2000-late.  Hydraulic press channel; it’s lit”

Thoughts? Do you like this better than RHNB? Do you find them both useless?

Gat tip: Alpha