Steve Lee And The Great AK-47 Race In Cambodia

0:11 – Wat?  Looking like a gay Australian fight club.  To be perfectly honest, that cuttoff Steve is wearing looks like a FoG (Fear of God) flannel I wanted to buy for layering.  I can’t hate on the man much for that maneuver.  LOL I never thought I’d be upgrading Steve Lee because of menswear (even if he fluked it).

0:17 – Hold my beer and watch this

I bet Steve’s name really rings bells in Cambodia.  Remind me to never go there and mention ENDO.  I bet some of those Cambodian soldiers *read ENDO once* and would catch a body for Steve.  They’d have your boy bleeding in the streets.

steve-lee-i-like-guns-album0:59 – Always point your weapons in a safe direction.  This guy’s safe direction is his foot.

1:44 – This man rubbing it in AU’s face haha.

2:32 – Nooooo not Steve’s music.  Whyyyyyyyyy? :P

Young metro doesn’t trust Steve Lee, and neither do I.  It’s well documented.