iTarget Lets You Practice Shooting Indoors

With a laser beam:

itarget-laser-shootingNot bad not bad, but I almost choked on my own spit when I saw the price levels on the Indigogogo campaign.  Good thing further down in the lengthly description it states the apps alone are expected to sell for $10 each.  I think most people will be interested in just buying the app, and they’ll get their own laser bullet and figure out a way to position the phone without that dumb looking proprietary “sled” which I shit you not has a “patent pending” on it according to the indiegogo description.

iTarget has a website as well which you can check out if you’re interested.

I don’t know how useful this type of app is, without adding recoil into the mix.  Additionally if you’re gun isn’t double action racking the slide after every shot (as shown in the video) is going to get annoying pretty quickly, and probably not the best way to “train”.  If nothing else, it’s a cool novelty.

Thoughts?  Would simulate operating with?  Would practice forward rolls, engage targets, then derp scan with? Would tilt gun 90 degrees, yell “BREAK YO’ SELF FOOL” and empty the high capacity laser beam assault clip into the target?