Breaking In Your Rifle For Operators Only

Battle wear without the battle.  This thing teaks a beating:

Keanu-WoahWHOAAAA EXTREEEEEEEME. :P Come for the trollture tests… stay for the dramatic music.

Some of these tests were impressive, and others.. meh.  If it wasn’t a bolt action I’d be more impressed.

I’m actually the most impressed that the U.S. Optics scope lasted through all that.  I guess the price tag is worth it.

5:34 – hahah *smh*.  I’ve seen deer and various other wildlife at the range before too.  Just have to laugh.

6:22 – “minor field repair”  LOL dead.

The components list is at the end of the video.  The company who built this rifle and did the video goes by APA Precision Firearms.

Thoughts?  Wouldn’t operate without?

Gat tip: no uno