My Dad Is An Operator Show And Tell

Tracking Point with another promo for their new focus on the military:

If you missed yesterday’s promo video you can check it out here.

TrackingPoint-LogoMehhhhhhhhh 1/5 operational points… I see what they wanted to accomplish with this though.  Due to the style, had me feeling like I was watching one of those anti-gun group’s videos up until the very end.

Isn’t putting out YouTube promos kind of useless if they are focusing on the military now?  Or is this a PR campaign so that the general (pant shitting afraid of scary guns) public goes from being freaked out by “guns which shoot themselves and can hit targets a bajillion miles alway” to being cool with Tracking Point because they are military only now, helping surgically remove those who hate America?

Please also let me know in the comments if they got the operator dad’s insignia, ribbons, and medals correct. I know errors in that drives you veterans crazy! It usually flies under my radar unless it’s really bad.