The View Ladies On Guns If You’re Looking To Shake Your Head

Bernie Sanders said something about Sandy Hook families shouldn’t be able to sue the gun manufacturers.  The ladies on The View naturally needed to weigh in:

Lil-Wayne-Whoopi-Goldberg1:02 – “I have a gun.  I don’t need it.  I got it” <— After saying the 2nd Amendment is outdated and we don’t need them anymore.  OH THAT IS SO RAVEN.

2:17 – Ah the old “false advertising loophole” because these guns are actually military assault weapons.  LOL *smh* my head hurts.

2:45 – OH SHIT that’s DJ Tanner!  I didn’t know she was on there.  Who didn’t have a crush on her back in the Full House days?

3:24 – Whoever this lady in the Yellow is, she’s ENDO Approved.  “I’m not a gun girl but I’ll defend their 2nd Amendment Rights.”

I used the best Whoopi Goldberg picture I could find for the post thumbnail pic. :P  I loved her on No Ceilings 2…. that whole album was heat.