Terrible White Rappers With Guns

This is surprising, in a bad / *smfh* type way:

“Keep the 30 on me like I’m Stephen Curry”

0:03 – Wow we haven’t even made it 5 seconds and someone is already ejecting cartridges from a handgun they have pointed at the camera man.  That’s gangsta.

0:06 – This guy has muscular dystrophy.  Pray for his health.

0:24 – Olive Drab Glock life.  Monica.

0:30 – Setting the scene with prescription couch syrup, baby bottles, swisher sweets, a stack of cash, and a handgun with an extendo.  Actually it looks like a standard capacity magazine just backed out to make it look longer.

0:32 – Yassssssss he has an extendo for the Glock.

0:33 – We get our first real glimpse at the “rapper”.  Is this real life fam?  LOL I’m dead.  That shirt looks Buck Yeager approved.

0:46 – Hi-Point 995 carbine spotted.  LOL amazing.

0:57 – hahah wth? Another standard magazine backed out.

1:03 – Always one retard in every squad with a laser *smh*

2:22 – Whose mans is this? LOL  Who let this slide? LOL… seriously is this real life?  If you’re not keeping track, this is our man with the laserbeam.

White-RapperIt’s frightening that people like this exist.  Remind me to avoid whatever part of Ohio these kids are from.


Gat tip: James