Voda Inc Training – Not Sure If I’m Buying This Is For Real

Sus, and wildly entertaining:

Judging by the above video, titled “Q&A Facebook Fan Brannon Lebouef” I think it’s pretty clear he has no idea who Brannon Lebouef (USMC Veteran) is and that Brannon was almost certainly trolling him when he asked on facebook about an instructors course.  The best part is the top secret answer “not at this present time, and there’s a couple of reasons for that which I really can’t get into”.  LOL ok brAH.  Then he goes on to say he wants his Urban Shooters group to rival the NRA. Oh and to top it all off the video description has the classic “we love all our fans and HATERS!!!!”… yea cool, I bet you do which is why you disabled all your comments. Couldn’t take the heat from the haters you love?

2:23 – He addresses Brannon’s question about if he’s ever been in shootings.  This is his sus answer:

“Yes I mean I can tell you those stories, but like I say for legal reasons I cannot.  Uh but I will tell you I have been on both sides of the gun where I have not only been the good guy but I’ve been the bad guy too.  You know?  So that’s a lot of times I grow from a lot of that bringing to the training what it’s like to actualy be the bad guy.  You see what I’m saying?  And what it’s like to be a good guy with the firearm so I look forward to merging those two so the shooter can actually understand what it’s like to be under stress when a convict… well I’m not a convict but you know a couple of more mistakes like that I would have been one easy.  You know and I’m really grateful for that I had good family to make sure that I stayed on the right path. But um to be able to understand what it’s like to conduct an armed robbery and what it’s like to defend ones self against armed convicts and armed suspects and different things like that.”  Now reading between the lines on this, it sounds like he’s admitting to doing some things with a gun that are shady AF (crimes which I guess he never got caught for?).  This is all so strange.

The main dude in the videos is Lucien Black, and you can check out his LinkedIn page here.

Here’s video from his own channel, of a “training” session:

Great start, where he shows how to properly execute someone “if you really want to make it count put it (the gun) here.  The fastest way to eliminate someone is to put a bullet in their brain before they put one in yours.  Let the court sort it out.”  YIKES.

Voda-Firearms-Training-Lucien-Black0:27 – VODA INC is a non-profit corporation?  Interesting.  Can anyone find that company or Zeta Promotions in the NC business directory?  I tried and couldn’t.

I don’t have time to watch all the videos on his channel, but the ones I skipped through were all equally terrible.

Thoughts?  Man, the stuff people put up on Youtube… I’ll never understand how he thought any of this would make him look good.

Gat tip: no uno