Quad Barrel Shotgun Shenanigans

Richard Ryan and Demolition Ranch get to work:

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBLOL two Remington 870s and a DP-12… priceless.  If a firearms company actually made a quad barrel, there is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that it would sell like hotcakes.  If Glock made a side-by-side double barrel version like this, I’m confident it supply wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand for a while either.

Some of you noticed that I didn’t blog the last few days, and were concerned (always appreciated when you check up on me).  I was at my girlfriend’s parent’s house for Easter weekend, so I wasn’t on the computer.  I wasn’t feeling 100% last night, so I opted to watch the new episode of Hoarders and go to sleep rather than blog.  I’m feeling great now though!  Hope all of you had a great Easter weekend.